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Reference Papers

Alex Fekken

Book Review (PDF) .NET 2.0 for Delphi Programmers by Jon Shemitz. Download for later reference.

Richard King

Demonstration  Creating a Simple Application - What's the Weather Doing ?

Glenn Stephens

Slides from Glenn's presentation, How to implement Plug-ins in .NET, to the 2006 Winter Symposium

Helen Borrie

Slides  from Helen's presentation, Sweet Talking Firebird, to the ADUG 2006 Winter Symposium

Glenn Crouch

Slides from Glenn's presentation, Component Oriented Development, to the 2006 Winter Symposium

Tim Jarvis

Slides from presentation at ADUG meetings in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, October 2005

Don Macrae

ADUGTreasurer - client/server case study (2.25mb)

Lino Tadros

Slides and samples from Lino's Delphi .NET workshop, November 2003

Phil Sheppard

Notes on using TeeChart - posted June 03

Graham Pitson

Inside TDataset - Presented Feb 1999.

Grahame Grieve

Trials and tribulations of C/S development: Server programs in Delphi - Presented Dec 1998.

Glenn Lawrence

Controls and Components - Presented March 1998

Glenn Lawrence

Writing Server-side Web Applications with Delphi and CGI Expert (includes setting up Personal Web Server)- Presented February 1998

Steve Forbes

Software Configuration Management- Presented October 1997

Paul Spain

Drag and Drop in Delphi - Presented August 1997

Mark Weston

Creating a Simple COM Object in Delphi 3 - Presented July 1997

the following papers are resident elsewhere but are recommended reading:

  • Inprise: TI239B - A Borland TI on "Error solutions and limitations of Paradox Engine".