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Canberra Meetings


November 2009:

We viewed some CodeRage 2009 presentations

October 2009:

Misha Charrett gave a presentation on developing multi-threaded multi-tiered/distributed applications with the CSI Framework


April 2008:

Autumn Symposium

Autumn Symposium here in Canberra.

March 2008:

New Features in the IDE

We looked at new features in the IDE. These included refactoring and code templates.


We moved our venue to ANU, which is centrally located. Our meetings were a combination of presentations and informal discussions.


April 2006:


Steve Elliott gave us a good introduction and insight into threads.  Download his demonstration.


October 2005:

Compact Framework

Malcolm Groves from Borland gave an overview of Compact Framework.    He provided us with a list of links.


* Delphi CF Preview :,1410,33271,00.html

* Delphi CF Quickstart Guide :,1410,33066,00.html

This is a good guide to getting it all setup on your machine. Also has
links to download emulators, rom images, etc

* Chewy's Pre-processor :

This is 100% required if you don't want to end up with a hairline like  mine. Tthe issue I mentioned that stopped this working for me is
now resolved. You may need to download again.

*OpenNetCF :

Open source libraries to give you access to a lot of stuff CF doesn't

* Delphi CF Quickstart Guide Part II :

A follow on to the Quickstart above, by a different author. Drills more 
into what's missing/different between desktop .NET and CF .NET

* MS CF Quickstart Tutorials :

And from another generous ADUGger, Jeremy N,

Further to this you may also want to look at...

Video showing integration working. Note these are a little old now and
things have changed (for the better). 

This has been reorganised in the gallery but the items are the same.

Support for Chee Wee's auto fix dll is included plus there is a Class Helper 
library included which basically means you don't even need Chee Wee's auto
fix for most projects although I still recommend using auto fix and the class helper library.

June 2005:

This meeting was dicussion of HTML and XML tools.  View these documents for the links, plus a new link provided by Dick Walker for XML.

HTML Tools

XML Tools

May 2005:

XML Beginner to Intermediate

Tate introduced XML concepts, showing formats and discussing the syntax. A small example in Delphi was then demonstrated.

Download Tate's presentation (60Kb).

Frames - What not to do

Vincent showed us some traps for users of D7 and above in using frames, and demonstrated a way of overcoming the problems.

Download Tate's presentation (33Kb).


April 2005:


Stu Eggeron discussed different styles of Installation procedures, and showed some freeware applications.

Download Stu's presentation (76Kb).

External Debugging

Steve Elliot demonstrated a system for external debugging which included utilities for sending debug reports back to the developer.

March 2005:

Dynamic Application Instantiation - Building Run Time Objects from Configuration Files.

Steve Elliot presented this topic.

Error Tracking

Tips and tricks in error tracking presented by Hilary Stuart-Williams.

February 2005:

HW Comms under Windows

John Scott demonstrated the development and ongoing changes to a system communicating with other devices. The requirement for the changes was the change in technology of computers over the years.

String Formatting

Stuart Eggerton gave a talk on string formatting with lots of example.


December 2004:

User Centred Design for Developers.

Glenn Stephens gave us a very thought provoking discussion on User Interface Design. Downloads can be obtained from the Sydney past meetings site for April 2003.

November 2004:

Informal Meeting to Discuss venues, topics a enjoy an early Christmas get together.

October 2004:

Diamondback Preview

Together with Borland, ADUG hosted Malcolm Groves presentation on the upcoming release of Diamondback.

September 2004:

Delphi in the Real World

Sue King gave us a demonstration of how Delphi is used for tools and in an application for security and access control in buildings.

August 2004:

Microsoft Tech Ed

Members were invited to the public sessions for Microsoft TechEd.

July 2004:

Using Interfaced Objects in Delphi.

Vincent Parrett introduced interfaces in the Object Pascal Language, and move to more advanced topics such as hiding class implementation specifics by exposure of the object through an interfaced reference using the singleton pattern.

Download Vincent's examples

June 2004:

Life After Death : TPS's FlashFiler2 Transition to NexusDB and beyond..

Geoff presented an interesting overview of the technical aspects of the operation of NexusDB including a sneak preview of new features to be included in the Version 2 release.

The Nexus Memory Manager was also discussed.

For more details of the Nexus products, check out their web site at

May 2004:

Version Control Systems - Perforce and SubVersion

Frank Valks showed us Perforce, a high performance commercial source management solution.

More information is available at

Kiril Dunn gave us an introduction to SubVersion, a new open source tool for version control designed to replace CVS, and TortoiseSVN, a windows client similar to TortoiseCVS.

More information is available at Look under the SCM category of projects.

April 2004:

Using ECO in Delphi 8 : Dick Walker

Dick has provided a link to his slides and references. Download them from

March 2004:

.Net Remoting with Delphi 8 : Mathias Burbach

Material on this topic can be downloaded from here.

February 2004:

TechInsite Object Persistence Framework (tiOPF) : Peter Hinrichsen

Peter presented the TechInsite Object Persistence Framework. This is an Open Source framework of Delphi code that simplifies the mapping of an object oriented business model into a relational database.


Some ideas about OPF that Peter has put together

TechInsite Documentation - Chapter 1(pdf format)

Background reading on the Visitor and Adaptor patterns :

Adaptor patterns

Visitor patterns

January 2004

Colored UML and Domain Neutral Component (DNC) : Slava Barouline.

Links : : A UML primer can be found at the bottom of this page. : A number of articles on modeling and design topics