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Brisbane Meetings



Thursday, 5th of June 2014

17:30 - 20:00

Developer Direct LIVE! <>

RAD Studio XE6 - Delphi XE6 - C++Builder XE6 Launch Event

Our guest at this month's meeting is Embarcadero, who will hold the XE6 Launch Event in Brisbane on this date. It will be a full evening of info about the just released XE6 version, by an Embarcadero presenter.

Thursday, 3rd of April 2014

17:30 - 20:00

We will review the Sympsium that was just held, as well as take a quick look at the FireDac database connectivity library. >


Thursday, 6th of March 2014

17:30 - 20:00

> > 

We will look into our usual grab bag of discussion themes; hidden gems in Delphi, 64 bit conversion experience, whatever takes our fancy. Bring along topics for discussion or problems you're working on. Oh, and it’s the last meeting before the Symposium, join the warmup. :)


Thursday, 6th of February 2014

17:30 - 20:00

> > 


We will have a look at performance profiling Delphi applications, using line and method level profiler tools. Feel free to bring projects (source) that you would like profiled on the night. >

We will also have a look at how to ensure complete test coverage of source while performing unit testing.


Thursday, 5th of September 2013

17:30 - 21:00

Malcolm Groves from Embarcadero will give a Rad Studio XE5 Tech Preview on the night! >

" >

Be one of the first to see an exclusive preview of the upcoming release of

new Embarcadero Android and iOS mobile development technology and how you

can get early access to these tools.

At this technical and interactive workshop attendees will:

*             See Android and iOS true native apps built from a single codebase


*             See Multi-device, true native development tools in action

*             Learn about the 5 mistakes that developers make on moving to mobile and how to avoid them

*             Be able to talk with development experts on how you can make the move to mobile today


  Thursday, 6th of June 2013

17:30 - 20:00

Damien Bootsma from Embarcadero will give a talk on the night about Mobile > >

in Rad Studio XE4!

He will be building on last month's introduction to mobile in XE4

presentation, and go into more technical depth in various parts of the


Thursday, 6th of May 2013

17:30 - 20:00

Glenn Stephens will give a talk on the night about Mobile in Rad Studio XE4: > >

He will be going through the mobile aspects of Rad Studio XE4 demonstrating

how to work to build mobile applications in the platform, looking at some of

the common patterns for mobile development and how they can be applied in

the mobile space. We'll be looking at the fundamentals of setup, some of the

language changes and also writing an app that we'll deploy to a one or many

devices (Attendees, bring your devices).

Thursday, 4th of April 2013

17:30 - 20:00

We'll have a talk on the night about Anonymous methods, one of the recent additions to the Delphi language. The how and why will be explored. > >

Thursday, 7th of March 2013

17:30 - 20:00

Geoff Harris will give a presentation on the night: >

The Eternity II puzzle


This puzzle was launched as a £2 million prize competition. It involves placing 256 different pieces on a 16x16 board following particular rules. It is extremely hard to solve and no complete solution has yet been found. The challenge for creative ADUG members is on! :)

Custom VCL text file save dialogs

If time allows, we'll have a look at how to customize the vista+ file save dialogs with a combo to select file encoding, achieving the new OS look while preserving the TsaveTextFileDialog functionality.


Thursday, 1st of November 2012

17:30 - 20:00

Our local member Glenn Stephens will give a presentation on the night: > >

The Upsides and Downsides of Mobile


This talk will take a look at some of the benefits and difficulties of mobile apps and how to work with and around it. This will look at the lack of control through App Stores, the lack of customer interaction as a result of the customer review process and the nature of Android fragmentation and other details that are often not discussed.

Thursday, 4th of October 2012

No meeting due to vacation.

Thursday, 6th of September 2012

17:30 - 21:00

We have both a guest speaker *and* a prize draw for this meeting, so make sure you drop by! >

Business model simulation

Dr Geoff Harris will give a presentation on the night:

Developing Simulations for Business Models

This talk will focus on the development of computer simulations of real-world business

models. The terminology will be introduced in natural language and comparisons of

differences from traditional simulations of natural sciences will be explained. Examples

of recent computer simulations for business will be presented as well as a methodology for

developing and conducting this class of simulations.


The Mida company has graciously provided a free license of the Mida Converter, Studio edition (AUD 180 value), which will be given away in a prize draw on the night. Make sure you attend the presentation to have a chance to win this tool for VCL to FireMonkey conversions!


Thursday, 2nd of August 2012

17:30 - 21:00

Mida Converter for FireMonkey

The next Brisbane ADUG meeting will be on Thursday 2nd of August. The Mida Converter for FireMonkey tool will be demonstrated, this tool converts VCL forms to the closest FireMonkey equivalent. If you would like to know if your complex forms can be converted, please bring a sample to the meeting and we'll do test conversions.

Thursday, 7th of June* and 5th of July 2012

17:30 - 21:00

Windows 8, Metro interface and Embarcadero Prism

The next Brisbane ADUG meeting will be on Thursday 5th of July. With recent releases of Windows 8 release preview, Visual Studio 2010 beta, and Embarcadero Prism with preliminary Metro support, an attempt will be made to use these to create a Metro application.

(*It is the same topic as last month; a technical problem with the Prism beta needed unfortunately prevented the presentation. There has been a belated update which now works.)

Thursday, 4th April 2012 and Thursday, 3rd May

17:30 - 21:00

The next Brisbane ADUG meeting will be on Thursday 4th of April. This time around, I would like to ask the  members attending the meeting to contribute 5-10 minutes each on some topic of interest; eg

- A quick introduction to components or libraries you are using

- New or not well known functionality in our favourite IDE, VCL or RTL that you recently discovered

- Explain a programming problem you recently had and the solution you came up with

- Present an as yet unsolved problem to the meeting, that we can then discuss solutions >

Thursday, 1st March 2012

17:30 - 21:00


The next Brisbane ADUG meeting will be on Thursday 1st of March. If the virtual gods are willing, we will have a workshop looking at FireMonkey and Mac development.

Also, Windows 8 was demonstrated.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

17:30 - 21:00

Nexus Portal Demonstration

By request from the previous meeting, in this first meeting of the year, Eivind Bakkestuen and Thorsten Engler of NexusDB will demonstrate Nexus Portal, a remote control library for Delphi and .NET.


Tuesday, 29 September 2009

17:45 - 20:15

Delphi 2010 Sneak Preview

by Malcolm Groves, Embarcadero

Malcolm Groves, Senior Director of Asia Pacific at Embarcadero , will talk about the latest and greatest Delphi 2010. More details about the contents of his presentation will be on the Embarcadero website soon.

Doors will open at 5:45 pm, Malcolm's presentation will start after the consumption of pizza, also provided by Embarcadero. Please RSVP to Alex Fekken to help us in ordering enough pizza.

At the end of the presentation we will have a lucky prize draw: Arena Business Technology Pty Ltd is donating a HP PT787A Evolution Notebook/Sports Backpack, valued at $89.00 RRP (*). Arena Business Technology Pty Ltd is proud to support ADUG and is a regular sponsor of ADUG meetings and symposia.  

(*) Recommended Retail Prices quoted are the latest RRP as published by the manufacturer or their primary Australian distributors.

With this presentation we are resuming our monthly ADUG meetings in Brisbane. More details about this after the presentation and below.


Brisbane Square Library (Theatrette)  
Ground Floor
266 George Street (cnr Adeliade Street)

The lucky winner of the backpack was Craig Symons. The photo below shows him after receiving it from Malcolm Groves who picked out the lucky feedback form:



27 August 2007

PHP Introduction for Delphi Developers

by Akash Mehta

This month the meeting will focus on PHP.

We will have Akash Mehta of the Brisbane PHP User Group as our guest speaker to give us an introductory presentation on PHP. Note that Akash will be demonstrating standard PHP for web development during his presentation (using Xampp lite ), but afterwards there will be ample time to fire up Delphi for PHP  and take a look at the new RAD IDE. 

We will prepare some basic database connectivity code for this second part of the meeting but I would like it to be audience-driven. So any suggestions of things to look at or try out will be welcome.

25 June 2007

PHP, OO and a lucky door prize!

This month (June) the meeting will consists of three parts:

A PHP discussion

With Delphi for PHP out I decided to visit our local PHP User group. They have offered to "borrow" us one of their people to give us an introductory presentation (later in the year) on PHP if we are interested. So in the first part of our meeting I will report on my visit and test our interest in PHP.

An Object Oriented Analysis and Design discussion

Grady Booch and some of his amigos have recently released a new version of their book on OOAD. Note that these are the people who brought us much of OO and UML. I will do a quick presentation with an overview of what Booch and amigos are trying to tell us about how we should create software. And then I would like to have a discussion about how this ties in with how we go about creating software in the real world. E.g. to what what extent do we agree or disagree; do we actually get to follow any of these principles even if we do agrree?

I also want to use this discussion to test our interest in more presentations on OO and Design Pattern related issues.  

Lucky Door Prize from Arena Business Technology

Once again Arena Business Technology Pty Ltd is kindly donating a lucky door prize. For this June Brisbane ADUG meeting it is a Belkin Surge Protector valued at $69.95. We encourage everybody to have a look at Arena's web site and at the brochures we will make available during the meeting because Arena is not only a regular sponsor of our meetings and symposia, they also give a decent discount to ADUG members.

23 April 2007

SQL Server Performance Analysis

Rob Risetto (DbWerx)

This month Rob Risetto of DbWerx will talk about SQL Server Performance Analysis.

Rob did a similar and well-received presentation before the Brisbane SQL Server User Group in February. This time we have asked him to allocate a bit more time to cover some of the basics for those of us who are not as familiar with SQL Server and its performance tools.

As usual before the presentation starts, we will first have a quick chat on some recent developments. And  i f anybody has had a chance to look at Delphi 2007 for Win32 or Delphi for PHP why not give us 10 minutes or so to share your first experiences with us?

26 February 2007

.NET 2.0 for Delphi Programmers

Alex Fekken (Fekken IT Services)

This month IT Books Online and their distributer Woodslane have offered the Brisbane chapter of ADUG two copies of the book ".NET 2.0 for Delphi Programmers" by Jon Shemitz. Alex has devoured one copy of the book and will talk about its contents.

The second copy will be given away to a lucky prize draw winner at the end of the meeting.

As usual before the presentation starts, we will first have a quick chat on some recent developments. This month's focus: the ADUG 2007 Autumn Symposium in Brisbane on the 30th of March with "Delphi Master" Marco Cantu, CodeGear's Chief Scientist Allen Bauer and Paul Klink.


25 September 2006

Highlightsfrom Microsoft Tech Ed for the Delphi Developer  

Malcolm Austin (REIQ)

Malcolm will give us thehighlights of 3 days and 17 attended sessions. Some ofthe topics he will cover are: Linq, BLinq, WPF, .NET2.0 and 3.0, SQL Server 2005, Orcas (next version of Visual Studio) and Windows Vista/Longhorn.

As usualbefore the presentation starts, we will first have aquick chat on some recent developments. This month'sfocus: the Turbo's are there! We will spendsome time showing off the free Turbo Explorers andTurbo Merger. The Turbo Explorers have a surprisingamount of functionality on board so we are going toquickly walk through the Tool Palette(s) to see what is there.

28 August 2006

Application Frameworks - Taking RAD to the Next Level

Martin Kammann (Autag)

Building business databaseapplications is what most of us do with Delphi. We allknow that it involves recurring and boring tasks, manyof which could be automated. This presentation willdemonstrate how an application framework can radically simplify and speed up these things.

We will build a simple MSOutlook style application that demonstrates how tohandle data entry, retrieval, printing etc in a matter of an hour.

The framework to bedemonstrated leverages Delphi's Open Tools API by usingIDE wizards to generate application modules (Units andforms) and generate a full-scale application with bareley writing any code.

Martin's URL is :

As usualbefore the presentation starts, we will first have aquick chat on some recent developments. This month: Turbo Delphi, ADUG on the Sunshine Coast, ...

24 July 2006

Interfaces without COM

Alex Fekken (Fekken IT Services)

Another back-to-basics presentation. Traditionally, Interfaces have been associated with COM programming, but especially with the introduction of the .NET framework we see interfaces popping up all over the place. In thispresentation we will look at how interfaces are usefulin their own right without any reference to COM.

We will work from the usual motivation of Interfaces as a substitute for multipleinheritance. What this means is that classes without acommon ancestor can be tied to a "contract" for commonfunctionality (the interface). This then allows objectsof these classes to be used interchangeably("polymorphically") as if they would descend from acommon ancestor, at least as far as the functionality specified by the interface is concerned.

As an example we will show how to use a sorting interface to extend pre-existingclasses into "sortable classes" that re-use the samesorting algortihm. As the example shows, the strengthof Interfaces lies in the fact that pre-existingclasses can be extended to implement a given interface"after the-fact", regardless of their inheritance tree.

22 May 2006

Creating Web 2.0 Applications in Delphi6..BDS2006

Ralf Wenske (SPR&M Ltd)

Buzzwords recently seen frequently in the media are Web 2.0 and Ajax . Ina technical sense these buzzwords relate to theexchange of data packets between a browser document and the server.

Some Delphians have in the past responded to that buzzword phenomenon in a manner like: 

    'So what- this technology has been around for years - what is all the fuzz about?'

Ralf thinks the 'fuzz' is about the user experience - and that is exciting. However it seems that active web pages aremostly driven by PHP/Python/Java or Microsofttechnologies like ASP or ASP.Net. If  XMLHTTP (theunderlying protocol) is an "old hat", where then are all these cool 
Delphi driven web applications?

Tonight's topic coverssome of the areas in which  in Ralf'sexperience- Delphi is also superior toalternative technologies for developing Web 2.0applications. All demos will be in Delphi 7 and it will be shown that they are:

  • Snappy
  • Secure
  • Accessible from most browsers (JavaScript)
  • Effortless deployment (compile - run - access via Web)
  • Simpleserver setup (no IIS required)

Ralf willdemonstrate the entire development cycle for a Web 2.0application and welcomes any questions or feedback during and after his presentation.

Thoseattendants who are interested will be given web accessto Ralf's test application so everyone can assessthe user experience for themselves andcan follow the application's progress towards beta and release.

Ralf's web-site:

The goal ofRalf's project is to enable you to apply your Delphi(Win32) developer skills towards development of secure and snappy Web 2.0 applications.  

24 April 2006

Recursion and Trees

Alex Fekken (Fekken IT Services)

In this meeting we willhave a "back-to-basics" presentation on recursion andits most important application: implementing tree structures.

We will start with a fewbasic examples for those unfamiliar or uncomfortablewith the idea of recursion. We will then look at theimportance of stopping criteria and at why stackoverflows are the usual result of badly implemented recursion.

Finally we will go through the process of building afile-system tree and traversing it.

If time permits and people are interested we will havea quick look at Common Table Expressions, the SQL99 wayof doing recursive database queries.