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ADUG Autumn Symposium 2009

This year the ADUG Symposium is on in Melbourne and Sydney

We are pleased to announce that our special presenter is David Intersimone (David I), Chief Evangelist for CodeGear Products, Embarcadero.

David leads this year's presentations which explore the different environments into which Delphi is moving. If you've been too busy with 'the day job' to follow these developments, come and see what is happening 'out there'.

Apart from the usual quality content this is a chance for Delphi developers to catch up with what's happening in their community and meet up with colleagues. We hope you can make it.

Your registration fee includes all refreshments, including lunch and end of day drinks and nibbles.

Registration is now closed.

Thursday, 2nd April

Jika Conference Center

Friday, 3rd April

Wesley Conference Centre, 220 Pitt Street, Sydney





Introduction and Welcome



The World of Delphi

David I

Delphi is more than just a product.  Delphi is a development environment, a language, a compiler, a runtime library, and more.  Delphi is the fastest way to build native Windows applications.  This session will present "The World of Delphi" - the products, the technologies, and the community. With Delphi you can visualize and design your code and database structures. During the session David I. will cover Delphi 2009, Delphi Prism, and the future directions for Delphi.


Coffee break


Cloud 9 Programming

Glenn Stephens

Glenn has been monitoring this space with much interest and will present some examples of Delphi, Delphi.NET, C# and FreePascal ways of using the clouds in various configurations. The talk will mainly look at cloud computers from a technical and operational angle.


12:30 Lunch



Converting Delphi Applications into Appliances

Jason Tolley − ROK Technology

Rok Technology develop embedded systems using Windows XP Embedded and frequently Delphi. They are recognized World experts in Windows Embedded. Jason will discuss delivering applications as appliances (either virtual or physical) using Delphi and Windows Embedded.



Ann Lynnworth − HREF Tools Corp

ZaphodsMap is a free, open source, cross-platform configuration system for object Pascal applications. The unique, zany part to ZaphodsMap is that a single file can store overrides for the developer(s) plus multiple deployment machines, and therefore be kept in version control.


Coffee Break


Building High-End Web Applications

Ann Lynnworth − HREF Tools Corp

Ann will discuss HREF’s approach to web development, and cover a number of topics which are generally relevant to any web project. Ann will explain why with large teams it may be best to separate web page design issues (html, css, graphics) from logic (Delphi, database) and the functionality required to achieve this. 

HREF Tools has recently acquired Rubicon, the full-text search engine for Delphi, which joins their own products (WebHub for Delphi, StreamCatcher ISAPI filter, FuzRegEx, IISBackup and RemBoot) available for purchase in HREFShop online.

HREF Tools is a long-time sponsor of (Delphi Super Page Search Engine), and


The Advantages of Delphi Prism

Glenn Crouch and Mark Hoffman

CodeGear RAD Studio 2009 includes the new Delphi Prism − which is the next generation of Oxygene from RemObjects and was formerly known as Chrome. This talk aims to do a few things: to supply a brief overview of Delphi Prism; to see what is involved in porting an Application from Native (Win32) Delphi to Delphi Prism; and to see what some of the advantages of using Delphi Prism - this includes looking at a small example of using Delphi Prism to produce an Application for Windows Mobile. This talk is being produced with the assistance of Marc Hoffman from RemObjects, and so is a combined effort. 


Closing session and prize draw 

Prize presentation and a chance to wind down and chat over drinks and finger food

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The ADUG wishes to acknowledge the assistance of the following companies whose sponsorship helps to make our Symposium possible:

Embarcadero logo
Remobjects Logo
EC Software logo
TMS Software logo
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David Intersimone

David Intersimone, Chief Evangelist, CodeGear Products, Embarcadero.

David Intersimone (known to many as David I.) is a passionate and innovative software industry veteran-often referred to as a developer icon-who extols and educates the world on Embarcadero developer programs and runs the rampant online developer community. He shares his visions as an active member of the industry speaking circuit and is tapped as an expert source by the media. He is a long-standing champion of software developers and works to ensure that their needs are folded into Embarcadero's strategic product plans. Before Embarcadero, David spent more than 20 years with Borland in various evangelism, engineering, and development capacities, including creating the company's develop relations program. He previously served as Director of Product Services for Softsel Computer Products Inc. (now Merisel). David holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo, California.

Glenn Crouch 

Glenn has been involved with ADUG for many years, even though he is way over in regional Western Australia and is currently the ADUG President. He has a background in Computer Science, and has lectured for Kalgoorlie College and Curtin University in Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics. He currently works for his family-owned company − ESB Consultancy − which produces components for Delphi Developers as well as Calculators and other Mathematical Applications. He does Software Support for Addictive Software (Addict Spell Check) and also does custom software development for local and not-so-local clients.

Glenn is ADUG President.

Ann Lynnworth

Ann Lynnworth learned to allocate memory for a TStringList from David I in 1994 at a workshop hosted by Borland in California. She soon became known as the Queen of CGI due to her early work in creating web applications with Delphi, using the cgi-win interface which was the first opening for dynamic, database-driven web applications on Windows. Ann co-founded HREF Tools in 1995 and has worn many hats with the company, including producing “Tech Talk Radio” for several years for WebHub customers. A dynamic speaker with an unusual point of view, Ann has often had rave reviews from Borland conference attendees. Ann holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Wellesley College in Massachusetts.

Glenn Stephens

Glenn Stephens is a developer, architect and manager of software solutions and has been involved in numerous industries from education, security, finance and the health industry. Glenn is currently CEO of Medical-Objects ( an Australian software company specialising in secure communications between members of the health industry. Glenn has written numerous publications, has one Delphi/Kylix book under his belt and is the developer of the OrchardBPM Business Process Management software ( He is intrugued by many aspects of the software process such as architecture, operations and marketing, the roles of the user and more. Glenn's weaknesses include all musical instruments, snowboarding and comedy clubs. Glenn can be contacted at

Glenn lives on the Sunshine Coast and has been active in supporting events for Queensland members.

Jason Tolley

Jason began his career in technology as a teenager literally sweeping the floors of an electronics engineering company in outer, eastern Melbourne. Later he completed tertiary studies in electronics where he learnt hex and assembler programming and began designing and developing microprocessor and micro-controller based systems. After four years in another industry and role, he returned to technology development in 1996 and founded ROK. First learning C, he carefully selected Delphi 2.0 as the company‘s primary development language for Windows based application development, for which it still remains today. Jason and ROK are most known for their expertise with Microsoft Windows Embedded operating systems and assist organisations around the world in building embedded devices and appliances by developing operating systems, applications and “turn-key” solutions.


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