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ADUG Autumn Symposium 2007

This year the ADUG Symposium is on in Melbourne and Brisbane

This year is our first year with CodeGear and to celebrate we are pleased to announce that our special presenters are Marco Cantù and Allen Bauer. Marco is well known to the Delphi community and is the author of the best-selling series Mastering Delphi and, as Chief Scientist for CodeGear, Allen is a man dear to all our hearts!

Apart from the usual quality content this is a chance for Delphi developers to catch up with what's happening in their community and meet up with colleagues. We hope you can make it.

Your registration fee includes all refreshments, including lunch and end of day drinks and nibbles.

Registrations have now closed

29th March

La Trobe University

30th March

The Mercure Hotel





Introduction and Welcome



Marco Cantù
Robust OOP Applications

Delphi provides a robust environment and architecture for your applications, but doens't make them error-free. Although it is impossible to be sure that an application will never fail, there are many techniques that help writing correct code... and reduce your debugging time. This presentation provides a broad overview of these techniques, touching on some topics and getting in depth on others.


Coffee break


Allen Bauer - Chief Scientist CodeGear
An audience with Allen Bauer
There have been a significant number of changes with the team and organization that brings us Delphi, changes both organizational and technical that have significantly affected the team. Central to what has been happening and indeed one of the central play-makers is CodeGear Chief Scientist Allen Bauer.
Join Allen as he talks about what it means to be Chief Scientist of a hugely popular and successful product like Delphi, get the scoop on all the behind the scenes action at CodeGear with Allen’s anecdotes and stories, learn how CodeGear took an idea from inception to execution in 3 ½ months, and what processes needed to be in place for that, discover how the “culture” of CodeGear is developing and how the value “Developers Matter” is baked into everything that CodeGear is doing. Watch as Allen rolls up his sleeves and gets technical with us, and shows us his favourite bits of Delphi and Delphi for PHP, and of course lets us all take advantage of Allen’s generous offer to field lots of questions, in what is shaping up to be a fantastic interactive session.



12:30 Lunch




Delphi for Win32 and Vista
Marco Cantù

The new version of the Microsoft operating system provide a large number of new features and some relevant changes in the user interface and the way applications use the file system. The presentation focuses on some of the key issues, including how to use the file system properly, how to work around the problems caused by the hidden window of the Application global object, and how to handle the new system font. Some time will also be devoted to cover new APIs, including the TaskDialogs and the extended Common Dialogs.


Coffee Break


Introduction to ECO ASP.NET web applications
Paul Klink

An introduction to ECO ASP.NET applications. The presentation will introduce ECO and then work through an ASP.NET example. The example will cover: - Modelling - Database Creation and Evolution - OCL - Classes and Associations - Derived Associations - Enumerators - State Machines (if there is time) - Web Pages and WebPage inheritance - User Controls - Deployment


Closing session and prize draw 

Prize presentation and a chance to wind down and chat over drinks and finger food

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The ADUG wishes to acknowledge the assistance of the following companies in helping to make our Symposium possible:

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Marco Cantù
Marco Cantù is the author of the best-selling series Mastering Delphi and other Delphi and C++ programming books. Marco is an expert in Delphi, XML technologies, Web Services, and object-oriented design. Marco lives in Italy, teaches many Delphi and XML classes, and is a frequent speaker at conferences worldwide.

Allen Bauer - Chief Scientist CodeGear
Allen joined Borland in early 1992 as an entry level engineer on the Turbo Pascal development team. He was also one of the original developers of the award-winning Delphi product throughout its inception, initial and all subsequent releases. During this period, Allen worked on both the application frameworks and the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Allen was responsible for the re-design of the Delphi IDE into a multi-language, general purpose environment which now forms the basis of the Developer Studio.
As Chief Scientist for CodeGear, Allen Bauer is responsible for the overall technical and architectural details of the products. Allen is also responsible for working with product management in researching and defining future directions and technological trends.

Paul Klink - Paritech
Paul is a long time Delphi developer who works in the area of financial systems – especially real time data systems. He originally began programming in the area of industrial process control but moved into the financial area after discovering Delphi. Paul over-indulges in programming at home and is constantly trying to overcome this weakness.


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