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ADUG Symposium 2006

The ADUG Symposium is on again

If you program in Delphi the ADUG Symposium is an event not to be missed. This year we are running it in Winter rather than Autum, but as always it promises to be a day of high quality presentations of guaranteed relevance, and truly extra-ordinary value.

Our guest presenter this year is Helen Borrie of Firebird fame and author of "The Firebird Book". Surrounding her we have a mix of presentations covering Win32 and .Net Delphi topics

In addition, Malcolm Groves will be bringing us up to date on "DevCo" and the plans for Delphi - a issue of importance to anyone who programs in Delphi

Your registration fee includes all refreshments, including lunch and end of day drinks and nibbles.

You can Register Here

Thursday June 8

La Trobe University

Friday June 9

Adelaide University





Introduction and Welcome



How to implement Plug-ins in .NET
Glenn Stephens
This presentation will take you through some of the common problems of working with plug-ins with .NET applications, as well as discussing techniques that work in .NET 1.1 that do not work in the .NET 2.0 world, the use of .NET Reflection, Custom Attributes, Configuration Files and what approaches give your applications the most benefit and flexability


Coffee break


Sweet-talking Firebird with Delphi
Helen Borrie
Writing database applications for a Firebird (or InterBase) back-end is all about conversations. Applications request and Firebird responds. The better the request, the more sweetly the database engine will oblige. In this presentation, Helen will address various techniques that Delphi developers use and explain how rewarding a good understanding of Firebird's personality can be.



Malcolm Groves will give us an update on DevCo and the plans for Delphi (and the other Borland developer tools) - not to be missed for any Borland development tool user



1:15 Lunch



Component Development in Delphi/VCL
Glenn Crouch
ESB Consultancy
Component Oriented Development is an area that Delphi has always been strong in, and where new platforms like .NET are aiming to be even stronger. The whole purpose of Components - both those you design yourself and third party ones - is the area of Reusability. We will cover the creation of simple and complex components, as well as some newer features offered in Delphi 2006 for component development. We will also cover where the third party Component and Tools market seems to be and where it seems to be going


Coffee Break


Delphi.Net on Linux using Mono
Emlyn ORegan
We've all heard about .Net, and some of us are using it. And many have heard the promise that .Net applications can run on platforms other than Windows. Theory aside, is it now actually *practical* to create cross platform apps with Delphi for .Net? Emlyn will demonstrate the practicality of taking a Delphi.Net web-based database application developed on Windows and porting it to Linux, Mono, Apache, and MySQL. The ported app will run on both Windows and Linux, with development occuring on Windows and deployment going to both Linux and Windows platforms.


Closing session and prize draw 

Prize presentation and a chance to wind down and chat over drinks and finger food

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The ADUG wishes to acknowledge the assistance of the following companies in helping to make our Symposium possible:


Glenn Stephens
Glenn Stephens is a developer, architect and manager of software solutions and has been involved in numerous industries from education, security, finance and the health industry. Glenn is currently CEO of Medical-Objects ( an Australian software company specialising in secure communications between members of the health industry. Glenn has written numerous publications, has one Delphi/Kylix book under his belt and is the developer of the OrchardBPM Business Process Management software ( He is intrugued by many aspects of the software process such as architecture, operations and marketing, the roles of the user and more. Glenn's weaknesses include all musical instruments, snowboarding and comedy clubs. Glenn can be contacted at

Helen Borrie
Helen Borrie has been around databases since the early 1980s and discovered InterBase in 1996. In 2000 she co-founded the Firebird project and has been deeply involved ever since. Her 2 Kg brick, "The Firebird Book", was published in English in 2004 and in translations last year. Helen works as a consultant in Australasia and has tele-clients in several other countries. She provides technical support for the IB Objects connectivity suite, runs the Firebird Foundation and is currently working on three more books.

Glenn Crouch
Glenn has been programming for almost 30 years and has worked heavily with Turbo Pascal followed by Borland Delphi. He has lectured in Programming, Software Engineering and Business Statistics. He has been involved been a Moderator with (and it's predecessors) for over 10 years as well as many other Forums, including our own ADUG List. His family owned company, ESB Consultancy, has been selling their components (ESBPCS) for Delphi for over 6 years and also sell Calculators and other Mathematical Tools, as well as being involved in local client work.

Emlyn O'Regan
Emlyn started with Delphi in 1998, and has worked in it since, as well as vb, java, c++, c, c#, and He is a long term application developer (code monkey) with a focus on pragmatic solutions to real world problems. He hasn't written any books, but he has written an awful lot of code.
Emlyn is currently the development manager and team leader for UNIFY Solutions' suite of identity management products, including UNIFYNow (the real-time event engine for Microsoft Identity Integration Server) and the UNIFYConnect series of custom application connectors.


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Non member price for the day is $150, or you can pay $160 to register and join the ADUG.

ADUG Members

Prices for existing ADUG members are low this year, and depend on years of membership, as follows:

  • less than 1: $80
  • between 1 and 2: $70
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  • over 3: $50

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