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Autumn Symposium 2005

Danny Thorpe is coming!

If you program in Delphi the ADUG Autumn Symposium is an event not to be missed. A day of high quality presentations of guaranteed relevance, and truly extra-ordinary value.

Special guest presenter this year will be Borland Chief Scientist Danny Thorpe, well known to us all through his key role in developing Delphi.

In addition to the presentations, Danny will take part, with Borland's Malcolm Groves, in a lunchtime 'round table', an opportunity for us ask questions and address issues not relevant to any specific presentation topic.

Your registration fee includes all refreshments, including lunch and end of day drinks and nibbles.

Thursday April 28

Australian Technology Park

Friday April 29

La Trobe University





Introduction and Welcome



Application Architecture from Top to Bottom
Misha Charrett
Corporate Software Innovations
High-level application architecture, what is it? Misha will take a broad and bold approach to this vital but under-discussed topic, covering such areas as
- building in flexibility
- using an object framework
- benefits of loose coupling
- integrating database design into the application architecture.


Coffee break


Future Language Development
Danny Thorpe
Borland is aggressively investing in Delphi language development to further enhance developer productivity. This session will outline new Delphi syntax currently in development, such as Delphi parameterized types, aka "generics", and what you can do with it, as well as discuss longer term research topics.



Lunch and Round Table

12:30 Lunch

1:00 Round Table

 Danny, with Malcolm Groves in Sydney and Tim Jarvis in Melbourne, will take part in this session in which questions submitted beforehand will be addressed and discussed with symposium participants An opportunity for us to raise any Delphi-related issue of concern or interest.



Design and Implemtation of Roaming User Profiles

Richard King
Pro Medicus
What application architecture would best support the relationship between user preferences and user roles and name/password management? Richard will explore, with Delphi examples, how to design the window management infrastructure, user levels, role support, where to store preferences. An intensely practical slice of application design.

 Download Richard's material.


Coffee Break


Building Smart Services with D2005
Mathias Burbach
Maranatha Consulting
Mathias will demonstrate how to move from client/server to a multi-tier architecture with a business server, and outline the benefits. The demonstrations will use the RemObjects 'Data Abstract' data-access framework. The how-to will not only cover the RemObjects products but also the database structure and the application server.

Download Mathias's material.


Closing session and prize draw 

Prize presentation and a chance to wind down and chat over drinks and finger food

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The ADUG wishes to acknowledge the assistance of the following companies in helping to make our Symposium possible:

The Round Table

This is a unique opportunity for the Australian Delphi user community to have a no nonsense conversation about any Delphi - related issues with two significant Borlanders. Quesions need not all be technical, but they should be Delphi - related, which includes of course such areas as Kylix. The session will be interactive, but to make the most of it we are asking that you contribute your topics on the ADUG members list beforehand. We will generate an agenda for the round table from that. If you are not currently on the mailing list you can join here - you don't have to be a financial ADUG member. The thread topic will be Symposium 2005 RoundTable, and when you post you should indicate in the body 'Sydney', 'Melbourne' or 'Neither', depending on where and whether you expect to attend the symposium. Note that you can't post to this list unless you are a member of it.

List of topics now here.


Danny Thorpe
Danny Thorpe is a Borland Chief Scientist responsible for strategic research in software development tools for the Microsoft Windows, Microsoft .NET, and Linux platforms. He was a member of the team that created the Borland Delphi rapid application development environment in 1995, a founding member of the Borland Kylix project on the Linux platform, and is now the Delphi compiler architect and lead engineer of the Delphi for .NET development team at Borland. He is well known to Australian Delphi programmers through his regular Borcon appearances in Australia and abroad, online articles, and his book 'Delphi Component Design'.

Malcolm Groves
Malcolm is Borland's Regional Product Director for Asia Pacific, based in Sydney. Prior to this current stint with Borland he was the senior consultant with Madrigal Technologies, specialising in distributed technologies and component-based architectures. Malcolm is a regular presenter at Borland, Oracle, Java and Visual Basic conferences in Australia, Europe and the United States, including presentations at every ADUG Autumn Symposium since the first one in 1999. Malcolm also writes articles for developer magazines, including The Delphi Magazine.

Misha Charrett
Misha develops business applications for the healthcare sector through his own company, Corporate Software Innovations. CSI recently developed the clinical information system for BreastScreen NSW, the largest public health screening program in Australia. Misha has 12 years experience in object-oriented development, 9 of those using Delphi. He presented at the inaugural ADUG Symposium in 1999 and is an occasional presenter at monthly ADUG meetings in Sydney.

Mathias Burbach
Mathias founded Maranatha Consulting on migrating to Australia in 1998. Prior to this was a software development team leader for a bank in Frankfurt, Germany. Today his main focus is the development of client/server and multi-tier software solutions across a range of industries, e.g. building, medical, telecommunications and sports administration. He is a regular contributor at ADUG meetings throughout Australia.

Richard King
Richard has been a professional software developer for far too long working in Cape Town, London, Hilversum, Sydney and Melbourne in everything from 8086 assembler to occam. In 1995 he presented the design and implementation of an accident database and GIS system developed in Delphi 1 to an embryonic Melbourne (A)DUG. He currently oversees the development of a clinical software package - originally written by his own company - for Pro Medicus in Melbourne. When not in front of a computer you can probably find him on his bike

Tim Jarvis
Tim is a senior services consultant for Borland now based in Melbourne after a 4 year stint in the UK. Tim is a .NET and RAD Windows products specialist, including Delphi, C# and C++ Builder as well as Interbase, Starteam and now picking up CaliberRM. Tim is a regular speaker at technology events and has over 20 years developing experience.


Non - Member

Non member price for the day is $150, or you can pay $160 to register and join the ADUG.

ADUG Members

Prices for existing ADUG members are low this year, and depend on years of membership, as follows:

  • less than 1: $60
  • between 1 and 2: $50
  • between 2 and 3: $40
  • over 3: $30

To qualify for member pricing

  • you must be a financial member at the time of registration
  • your membership application date must be prior to March 2nd 2005

If your membership lapsed recently you can renew it. Recently means your membership renewal date is later than June 31 2004. You can check your renewal date by going to the members services login. If your name appears in the drop-down list you are either financial or recently lapsed. If your renewal date has passed you are not financial and need to renew. Note that a membership status of "Current" does *not* mean you are financial. This field is for internal use, and changes to "Lapsed" some time after you have failed to renew your membership.