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Meetings: Symposia

We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the following companies in making our Autumn 1999 Symposium possible:

Borland Inprise

Flex 2000



"Objects, Components and Client-Server development"

This all day symposium was held on Friday March 19, 1999


The inaugural ADUG symposium was a great success in all respects and was sold out a week in advance.

Topics covered were:

  • Multi-tier Client/Server database architectures and implementation
  • OO Design Patterns in a Client/Server Environment
  • Mapping Object Oriented Models onto Relational Databases
  • Developing your own VCL components


The venue was the Conference Centre of the R&D Technology Park at La Trobe University, Bundoora.


The venue was filled to capacity with over 100 attendees.

People came from Victoria, SA, NSW and Queensland. One person even came all the way from Cairns!


The all inclusive cost for the day was $50 for ADUG members and $95 for non-members. This included printed notes and lunch. Feedback indicates that people thought that this represented great value.


An unforseen power outage at the start of the day gave the organisers an interesting challenge.

By shifting around the order of the sessions we were able to ensure that speakers who needed to demonstrate actual Delphi coding were able to do so.

Unfortunately we were unable to provide hot tea and coffee for the morning break, but apart from that we managed to get through. We are grateful for the understanding and patience that was shown by all delegates in regard to the power failure.

As part of his Welcome Address ADUG President Glenn Lawrence invited the marketing director of Inprise Australia, Graham Porter to say a few words.

Graham spoke about the strong market position of Delphi, and mentioned that in comparison with the UK, Australia has many more registrations per capita. In fact Australia is seen as an important part of the Delphi success story and this means that Graham is indeed taken seriously when he takes our feedback back to the 'States.

Graham discussed the new Inprise divisions and announced the development of the Borland.Com web site that will support an interactive bug list and knowledge base facility.

Graham also gave us sneak previews into some new features in the upcoming Delphi 5 product and hints about future directions.

Because of the power failure the first training session was presented by Misha Charrett of CSA Australasia. This was because Misha's presentation did not rely on "live" demonstrations using Delphi.

We are grateful to Misha for stepping in and presenting without the assistance of PowerPoint, relying instead on the printed handout material. This gave us time to organise a generator for the following speaker.

Misha's presentation was on "Mapping Object Models onto Relational Databases" in which he gave us the benefit of his experience in several major projects where he has recently used this technique.

The following two sessions were by Malcolm Groves of Inprise Australia on component development techniques. These sessions were based on those that he gave at last year's Icon Australia '98, and which he has been invited to give at this year's Borland conference in the 'States.

During Malcolm's first session the power was restored and the organisers were able to breath a big sigh of relief!

After lunch Duncan Margetts of Object Associates presented a session on "OO Design Patterns in a Client/Server environment".

The final two sessions were by Mark Richards of Richdata on "N-Tier development" in which he gave us some valuable insights into the techniques, including traps and pitfalls, that you need to know to be able to successfully write systems that can handle several hundred simultaneous users.


Additional material that the presenters have kindly given permission for us to make available here.

Example source code for Duncan Margett's session. ZIP file approx 16kb


Over $6000 worth of prizes were drawn at the end of proceedings.

The major prize was a copy of Delphi 4 Client Server that was won by Fred Orford. Congratulations Fred!


Many thanks to all attendees who filled in the feedback sheet. Gratifyingly the feedback seems to have been very positive and most people indicated that the event was excellent value for money. There were also some very useful suggestions for improvements that will be taken on board to help make future ADUG events even better.