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Immediate past ADUG President: Glenn Lawrence

Glenn has been a member of the ADUG since early 1996 and was involved in setting up the group as a formal association and was the ADUG President from 1997 to 2001.

He is Principal Consultant and founder of AIMTec, an Australian software development and web hosting company based in Melbourne.

Glenn has been an enthusiastic user and advocate of Borland Delphi since he was first introduced to the product in 1995. He has given introductory and advanced courses in Delphi, presented papers at BorCon and written for the Delphi Magazine.

A graduate in Computer Science (RMIT) Glenn has been involved in the IT industry for many years and has been a full member of the Australian Computer Society since 1988. His software design experience spans real time embedded systems through to major financial applications.

Major clients have included:

Glenn's company is available for consulting with remote and local clients. Contact details are below.

Contact details:

AIMTec Pty Ltd
"Advanced Interactive Media Technologies"
Technology Enterprise Centre,
2 Park Drive,
La Trobe University,
Bundoora, VIC 3083 Australia
URL: |
Tel: +61 (0)3 9479 5636
Fax: +61 (0)3 9479 1675