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This page contains older news stories formerly contained on the home page.


The 15th Annual ADUG Symposium is coming soon - 20th and 21st of March 2014

The ADUG organisers are busily beavering away organising the 2014 Symposium.

Some details are still to be finalised, but it will certainly uphold the high standard that is customary at the ADUG Annual Symposium.



August to September 2013

Embarcadero RAD Studio in Action LIVE!

During August and September Embarcadero are holding an Exclusive Tech Preview Event in several Australian and New Zealand cities.

In this exclusive session you will learn how to move from desktop to mobile development delivering true native Android and iOS apps.

Be one of the first to see an exclusive preview of the upcoming release of new Embarcadero Android and iOS mobile development technology and how you can get early access to these tools.

More information and registration is available from:

Please register if you wish to attend to ensure sufficient refreshments are available.


2013 Symposium - Symposium Extraordinaire!

Once again an excellent symposium and learning experience for all attendees of the ADUG 2013 event.

All attendees were treated to an unusually diverse range of topics at this year's event. It was interesting to see something of the dark side, I mean Apple computers.

Alistair impressed us with Datasnap and REST server showing us his real estate application working on Android.

Mason did a great job of showing Delphi Web Script, its flexibility and capabilities.

Malcolm's presentation showed us MVVM, which to use his words, provided the ability to "write 400 lines of code in one unit, to remove 2 lines of code in another" Joking of course, but this was a very interesting look at coding methodology with a leaning toward DUnit testing.

With Embarcaderos's Firemonkey really taking hold, the new development areas of iOS and OSX are opening up. These relatively new (to us) operating systems will provide Delphi developers with a new range of Apple based clientele. Guiding developers to those new operating systems, Scott's presentation passed on some very important and useful knowledge for those upcoming OSX and iOS users, Scott also as volunteered his assistance to those users when they take that big step. I was so impressed that I bought a MacBook Pro!

Embarcadero's continued progress and advancements creating feature rich products ensures us, as developers, that we have a great future with a great product range and this in turn will allow us as the ADUG committee to provide you with an even greater symposium in 2014.

Tentative dates and venues for the 2014 Symposium are March 20th in Melbourne and March 21st in either Brisbane or Canberra. Its been a few years since we last ventured north, so we'd love to return to Brisbane. Any Brisbanites who'd like to encourage us are asked to attend the Brisbane meetings (details here) to find out how they can assist.

Symposium Sponsors

As always the Symposium was well supported by sponsors, either finacially and/or by donation of prizes. The following sponsors contribution to the 2013 Symposium is much appreciated, and we encourage you to consider their products whenever possible.

Embarcadero NexusDB EC Software Raize Software Arena Business Technology


The ADUG Symposium is on again - 21st and 22nd of March 2013

ADUG is again presenting knowledgeable and informative presenters.

WIth the superb development of Delphi under the Embarcadero development team we now have an even more powerful and versatile development tool and environment.

Our presenters this year will cover some of this more diverse development capability.

As in other symposiums this also is a set of presentations that you should not miss. The information will rejuvinate your thought patterns and provide food for thought on new and interesting channels you can discover for your future projects.

You are likely to find new ways of using the development tool you know and love, to reinvigorate your existing applications.

Don't miss the opportunity...

Melbourne 21st of March 2013

Sydney 22nd of March 2013

ADUG Symposium details.


XE3 World Tour Events

ADUG would like to invite all those non-ADUG members who attended the XE3 events to complete our survey to help us better tailor our activities to your needs.

Members are welcome to answer the survey also and give their feedback if they wish.

Other ADUG services that were discussed at the Sydney event were



The 2012 Symposium - another successful event...

Ariving back in Perth on a 24° autumn evening was a pleasant change from the cooler climes of 4°-18° Canberra day.

The warmth and friendliness of our presenters and attendees was excellent. Reports from Melbourne confirm a successful and informative symposium for those attendees. As an attendee of the Canberra symposium, I am pleased to state that the Canberra event was a very successful event. Both venues received an excellent turnout. The only glitch was a minor wifi problem at each venue.

Bruno Firens, an excellent presenter removed any aprehesion developers had about Firemonkey and made Firemonkey development look much easier than we may have thought. Malcolm Groves took his turn and presented his thoughts on distributed computer systems. Another excellent presentation as expected from Malcolm, very useful and informative and interspersed with humour. Glenn Stevens provided a superb presentation on REST development. Glenn's talk made REST development seem much easier for the rest of us (pun intended).

All presentations were delivered with a great deal of thought so that they were not complicated and could be followed with ease by the attendees. I think the level of understanding was correct and judging by the less than usual number of questions asked at the end of each presentation, the information was well absorbed.

Overall, any perceived burden of development for Firemonkey, Distributed Computing and REST development has been removed from the mind of the respective developers. Each attendee/developer was reinvigorated and enthused about his/her task and probably could not wait to get back to work (yeah right!).

After the symposium, the ADUG committee members held their usual meeting to discuss the just completed symposium and to set the wheels in motion for the next symposium in 2013. We (the committee) feel quite excited about what we are trying to achieve for the next symposium - 2013. Barring any Mayan Calendar cataclysmic events in December this year, next years symposium could be one of the best ever.

The dates and cities will be announced soon so keep watching.

Of course we all know the end of the world will not happen. Microsoft will not let it happen! On that date, we'll all press "Ctrl-Alt-Del" and via Windows Live, we'll all receive Windows Mayan Edition.

Please remember to use our sponsors wherever/if possible, this may help them consider ongoing sponsorship and prize donation for our future symposiums.

The Autumn Symposium is on again in 2012...

Yes its just about that time year when Delphi enthusiasts get togther to "ooh" and "ah" at the latest in Delphi and many support products. March 22nd and March 23rd 2012.

We are about to experience another round of excellent presentations from some of the most interesting people in the Delphi world. A speaker of note is Bruno Fierens of TMS Software, yes he will be presenting at the 2012 ADUG Symposium Bruno's topic is Custom FireMonkey component development . The ever popular Malcolm Groves will smile upon you all and describe How to Build Distributed Systems That Don't Suck . Glenn Stephens, an oustanding Delphi developer, author and teacher, will be joining us for The best of REST compressed a client server stateless system based on HTTP.

For more details, registration and pricing please review the ADUG Autumn Symposium 2012 page.

The two cities hosting the symposium this year are Melbourne and Canberra.

As usual there will be prizes to be won. Here is the prize page.


FireMonkey in Action Live!

FireMonkey in Action Live

Embarcadero runs a half day workshop on FireMonkey in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. Damien Bootsma from Embarcadero and Lachlan Gemmell from the Australian Delphi User Group (ADUG) will take you into a number of technical sessions where you will learn how to create visually stunning, database connected business applications using FireMonkey. We are talking to Embarcadero right now to bring this event to other Australian cities as we have done before with the RAD Studio XE2 World Tour. Obviously this task is easier if the number of people, who attended the events in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane, are high. So join Embarcadero & ADUG for this half day event. For more information, click here. To register, click here.


The RAD Studio XE2 World Tour has been a RESOUNDING SUCCESS

The attendance to the latest Embarcadero release was remarkable. We had an unprecedented number of people at our venues. Embarcadero's development efforts have been recognised and appreciated by developers. "Hello World" Delphi is back!.

The response to the World Tour and the response within the audience to the presentation has been one of intense interest and the future of developers looks blindingly bright! This is of course also great news for Embarcadero. Developer enthusiasm is at an all time high and is continually gaining momentum.

The features shown by Damian and Malcolm were now in plentiful supply and more to come in the next twelve months. I think most, if not all, of the attending developers at the end of this World Tour were already ebthusiastically looking forward to the next Tour.

If you did not attend this World Tour, keep watch for the next one about twelve months from now. You will not want to miss it.

A special thank you to Steve Arena for his continued support of ADUG and his prize sponsorship.

Don't forget, our 2012 autumn symposium. I am sure there will be new and exciting things forthcoming from this release of RAD Studio XE2 and what it contains. We'll keep you updated in due course.

With such unbounded enthusiasm amongst developers and in particular our ADUG members it is anticipated that next years symposium will be well attended, so when the symposium details are released, keep this in mind and book early.


The RAD Studio XE2 World Tour is coming to ADUG
in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra!

RAD XE2 World Tour

The speakers from Embarcadero will be:

Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane – Damien Bootsma
Canberra – Malcolm Groves

Be one of the first to see technical demonstrations of all the new features coming in the most significant release since Delphi 1 !

Whether you are building new applications, or migrating existing systems, this workshop is a must!

Come and see what all the excitement is about and how easy it is to:

  • Create stunning business applications with FireMonkey
  • Build 64-bit Delphi applications to take advantage of the latest hardware
  • Create a single application and target both Windows and OS X
  • Extend multi-tier DataSnap applications with new mobile and cloud connectivity
  • Connect any visual element to any type of data using LiveBindings
  • Modernize the look and feel of your Windows applications with VCL styles
  • Create mobile-optimized web applications and standalone apps for iOS and Android devices using RadPHP

and much more!

  • Perth: Wednesday, 14th September 2011
  • Adelaide: Thursday, 15th September 2011
  • Brisbane: Monday, 19th September 2011
  • Canberra: Wednesday, 21st September 2011

Space is limited and seats are filling up fast. Register now to reserve your place!

See you there!


Embarcadero - RAD Studio World Tour 2011

RAD Studio World Tour 2011

Embarcadero has announced to include Australia in its RAD Studio World Tour. So far presentation dates have been finalised for Sydney (10th August 2011) and Melbourne (11th August 2011). Further dates for Canberra, Adelaide, Perth & Brisbane will be announced soon. If you want to attend the free interactive workshops in Sydney or Melbourne you need to register here. Registration for the other cities will be announced soon

UPDATE - ADUG Symposium Autumn 2011


The Autumn 2011 ADUG Symposium has been a great success. Thank you to all our sponsors, prize donors, the committee and of course you, the members that came to the symposium. You all helped make it the successful event it was.

The donated and fantastic prizes from some of the top developers were well received. Everyone won something, some were fortunate enough to win more than one prize.

We had 93 prizes on the donated prize list valued at $42,591. This shows the wonderful support given to ADUG and its members by those that develop useful software, developer tools and components. There were a few late prizes offered by our long time supporter, Steve Arena. This pushed the prize count and value even higher.

We in the ADUG committe already have our eye on the 2012 symposium and hope to bring you even more incredible speakers and exceptional prizes. Earmark your calendars already for a late March or late April event. We'll get back to you with firm dates when we confirm our plans and international speaker(s).

Not only did ADUG present two highly regarded international speakers in David I. and Primoz Gabrijelcic, our own "local heros" Thorsten Engler and Lachlan Gemmel took to the stage and took some of the limelight. Well done to all the presenters.


Eivind Bakkestuen
NexusDB Pty Ltd


We would also like to thank our sponsors

Embarcadero logo

TMS Software logo

EC Software logo

Arena Business Technology logo


Scooter Software logo

Raize Software logo


Fast Report

ElevateDB Logo

Thanks for the work done by the committee, and in particular members from Sydney and Melbourne involved with running the day.

And last but not least, to all those who attended and made the days the successes that they were, THANK YOU.